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"God answers my prayers everywhere except on the golf-course."

Billy Graham

Catholic theology and sport

Over the past few years we have seen a significant increase in publications from the Roman Catholic community on sport. Click the title to read my eof the boo.

The World of sport today

The World of sport today: A field of Christian mission, Libreria Editrica Vaticana, 2006

Sport an Educational and Pastoral challenge

Seminar of study on the theme of sport chaplains Vatican, 7-8 September 2007 LIBRERIA EDITRICE VATICANA 2008

Sport, Education, Faith

Towards a new season for Catholic sports associations, Liberia Editrice Vaticana, Rome, 2011

Spirituality of Sport - Balancing body and soul

Susan Saint Sing, St Antony Messenger Press, Cincinnati, Ohio 2004

Catholic perspectives on sports (From medieval to modern times Patrick Kelly, New York / Mahwah, NJ Paulist Press, 2012

Sport and Christianity (A sign of the times in the light of faith)

Edited by Kevin Lixey, L.C., Christoph Hubenthal, Dietmar Mieth, and Norbert Muller, Washington, D.C., 2012

Sport and St Paul - a course for champions

EditEdio Costantini and Kevin Lixey, The John Paul II Sports Foundation, Rome, 2011

Play Matters (So play as if it matters),

Susan Saint Sing, Pheonix, Vesuvius Press, 2012

Living the Eucharist through sport

Edited by Kevin Lixey, L.C., Christoph Hubenthal, Dietmar Mieth, and Norbert Muller, Washington, D.C., 2012

Goal to go (The spiritual lessons of football)

James Penrice, New York, Society of St Paul, 1994.

Theology of Sport (Object, sources and method). Thomas Emilio Bolaño Mercado, Unpublished, 2012

The Catholic ideal: exercise and sports R Feeney, Aquinas Press 2006

John Paul ll’s Interpretation of I Corinthians 9:24-27

A Paradigm for a Christian Ethic of Sport – John White Studies in Christian Ethics 25:1 (February 2012)

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