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"God answers my prayers everywhere except on the golf-course."

Billy Graham

By faith Moses

If you have time read Hebrews 11:24-28 for a summary of what Moses did by faith.

I read a great quote by Whitney Kuniholm on this: "Living by faith doesn’t mean that we’ll always feel happy, healthy and terrific. Often, it can make us feel a failure. By the time Moses was 80 years old he was a burnt-out case; he was by himself in the desert, he had a criminal record and a dead-end job. And he was living with his in-laws".

By faith Kaka and Lucio led Brazil to victory in the recent Confederations Cup. It is wonderful to see these world-class players give thanks to God for their successes. I recently talked to Oscar Ewolo, captain of the Republic of Congo. Congo went into their final stage one World Cup qualifier knowing that a win, a draw or even a 0-1 defeat would take them into the second stage. They lost 0-2. Oscar led his team to defeat and disappointment, still walking by faith.

Richie endured 4 knee operations and the end of a promising career in Premier League football. How? By faith.

Kirsty expected to make the Olympic final but did not even make it out of the heat. How do you deal with that after years of sacrificial training? By faith.

Moses led the Israelites across the Red Sea by faith. What a hero! But he also dealt with the pain of rejection and his fear of the consequences of killing the Egyptian by faith.

Sport is an unpredictable kaleidoscope of success and failure, ecstasy and despair, injury, loss of form, bad calls by officials, odd selection by coaches… How do we survive it? By faith.

Moses' experience teaches us that living by faith is a lifetime learning process.

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