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"God answers my prayers everywhere except on the golf-course."

Billy Graham

The character of God

The book of James is a very practical book, telling us how to live as Christians. The ethical statements are however very much grounded in a faith in God. In the midst of all the challenges as to how we are to live, here are 12 statements about who God is. These give us the basis for how we are to live. James makes more of a contribution to theology of God than we might think.

He gives generously to those who ask (1:5, 4:2)

He rewards those who love him (1:12)

He has a bias to the poor and humble (2:5, 4:4)

He cannot be tempted by evil (1:3)

He made us in his own likeness (3:9)

He is the lawgiver and udge (4:12)

He controls the future (4:15)

He is full of compassion and mercy (5:11)

He is coming (5:8)

He answers prayer (5:15)

He forgives (5:15)

He desires that we humble ourselves, live righteously, submit to him and come near to him (4:7-10)

As we represent God in the world of sport, let James remind us of the character of the God we represent.

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