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"It matters a great deal who is going to win, but not at all who won"

Willie John McBride, Irish Rugby player

Serving before kings

Do you see those who are skilled in their work? They serve before kings; they will not serve before officials of low rank. Proverbs 22:29

I know what I want to write about this verse. I just hope I can communicate it clearly. Part of the problem is that I see two conflicting principles in it.

Part of my work is in sport at the elite level. It is a thrill to be involved in a World Cup or Olympic Games, to try to serve people who are at the pinnacle of world sports. These are people who, because of their skills whether sporting skills or indeed administrative and leadership skills literally serve before kings.

It is always a great encouragement for me to know that God has placed his servants in high places in sport. A few years ago the chairs of two of the three top football bodies in England were held by followers of Jesus.

Pray for people who follow Jesus to be placed in significant roles in sport in your country. Pray for those who are in such positions that they would serve graciously and faithfully.

But lets not get carried away by the worlds standards. Serving before kings is really no more important than serving officials of low rank. The way I behave as a committee member of the North Berks Football League is as important to God as how a member of the organizing Committee of the Olympics serves. The important thing is that both of us see ourselves as serving God and seeking to represent him in the sphere of influence, which has been given to us.

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